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Virtual Office

What is Virtual Office? It's a phone number and a postal address in Moscow business centre. Messages and faxes are received via phone and forwarded to your e-mail address. Letters in handwriting and packages are forwarded to the customer's postal address or scanned and forwarded to your e-mail address if possible.

Who is our customer?

If you are determined to create a company or to open a representative office, we recommend you to open a Virtual Office for a start. Thus you can save money during the company's starting level and at the same time define the number of employees to be hired to the real office.

Virtual Offices are popular among small companies who cannot afford to rent an office, and also among those companies who often change their locations but have no intention of losing their customers.

It is really convenient to have a Virtual Office to receive correspondence from tax inspection. You cannot lose your papers and at the same time you won't be disturbed unexpectedly.

Besides, Phone and Fax Service is convenient in case when your office phone lines are connected to the «old» (analog) ATS and you are not able to receive fax properly. In Moscow digital phone line connection cost is $300 plus subscriber's fee of $40 per month.

Phone and Fax Service

If subscribed, you get a multichannel phone number to receive voice and fax messages.

You can connect either a «direct» phone number +7 (499) xxx-xxxx or «extention» phone number +7 (495) xxx-xxxx ext. xxxx.

In case you choose an extention phone number, a call is received by telephone answering and recording system. A caller is asked to switch to tone dialing and to insert an extention phone number. Your personal message is played back and a caller is asked to leave his message or to send a fax. The message can be transferred to your e-mail (a fax is forwarded in tiff — format, a voice message is forwarded in mp3 format).

Service City code Setup fee Monthly
Direct 499 (Moscow) 1800 rub. 990 rub.
Extension 495 (Moscow) 900 rub. 600 rub.

Postal address

If subscribed, you get a postal address to receive letters. Incoming letters and other correspondence will be registered. You will receive a notification on your e-mail. Then your letters will be gathered and forwarded to your postal address (via DHL, FedEx, etc.) It is also possible to scan the incoming letters and send a copy to your e-mail (in case you define this option in your personal settings).

Service Setup fee Monthly Price for scan
per page
Price for
Postal address 1800 rub. 900 rub. 15 rub. 300 rub + shipping cost

How to subscribe

To use our services please:

  1. Define the services you are planning to subscribe;
  2. Define the sum you are to put to your account;
  3. Sign Up;
  4. Enter a system as a registered user (Log On);
  5. Replenish your balance;
  6. Switch on the selected services.
A subscriber's fee is taken daily. In case your balance is negative the services will be blocked automatically.


You signed up on January, 10, added 3000 rubles to your balance and subscribed for the service «Phone and Fax — extention number». Switching on is 570 rubles, subscriber's fee is 297 rubles. Thus your balance is 2133 rubles. In January the sum of 9.6 rubles will be taken from your account daily. The sum of 2133 rubles will be enough for approximately 9 months. You will be notified if your balance reduces to zero via e-mail.

How to pay

You may credit your Virtual Office account via:
  • credit card or cheque:
    VISA, EuroCard/MasterCard, American Express,
    Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Online check;
  • e-money: E-Gold, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Rapida, E-port, Kredit Pilot, etc.

Price reduction and bonus

You will get a price reduction if you subscribe to several services at the same time.

If you subscribe to «Phone and Fax» and «Postal Address» services, the subscriber's monthly fee will be 780 rubles.
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