1 USD = 66.43 RUB.
1 EUR = 75.39 RUB.

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If you have frequently visited and business-oriented website, which attracts serious customers — we would like to offer you our partnership program. If agreed, we may pay a certain percent from purchases made by users directed from your web-site Normally it is 15% of the sum paid by a user.

Technically it is organized in the way that a user who visited our web-site via your link once, will be detected as «your» user during any further attendance as his browser memorized the settings.

We are ready to increase this certain percent for most significant partners..

Terms and Conditions

We can offer you the following standard partnership conditions:
  1. When signed up, you place our advertisement on your web-site in any convenient way: links, logos, blocks in menu, banners, etc.
  2. We are ready to supply you with any necessary materials, either standard or created on your demand. You can modify our materials in any convenient way, but we reserve the right to ban using those types of media which do not satisfy with existing moral and ethical standards. We also reserve the right to forbid any web-site in taking part in our program without giving reasons.
  3. You may place our advertisement on your web-site and on the web-sites connected to your own, in your mail delivery and offline media, etc.
  4. Limitations:
    • It is forbidden to place our advert in unauthorized mail delivery (spam via e-mail, ICQ, etc.);
    • It is forbidden to send a user automatically on our web-site (redirect, opening of new windows, etc.);
    • It is forbidden to place our advertisement on the web-recourses which are violating the laws of the Russian Federation; on web-sites with porno and erotic content;
    • It is forbidden to make misleading links;
    A Partner violated these limitations is to be excluded from the program, his account is to be lessen to zero.
  5. Fee. Minimum payment is 600 RUB. A payee is to cover the payment system commissions.
  6. There is no rule without an exception. If you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions provided please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll meet you half-way if possible.


It's perfect! I earn good money from my partners.

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Thanks for partnership. All my wishes become true.

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